6 Things to do after IUI

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) is one of the infertility treatments.

The process is to inject the selected capable sperms into the uterine cavity during female ovulation. Then let sperm fertilize with egg spontaneously in order to allow pregnancy. These are 6 things to do after IUI.

1. Lying flat for 15-30 minutes

We recommend to you lie flat on your back in order to allow sperm to approach the egg more conveniently. After that, you will be able to go home.

2. Start your daily routine as usual

IUI is quite similar to natural fertilization so that you can perform your routine activities normally. In case of concern or physical uncomfortableness, you may relax yourself by lying down for few days until you are fully recovered.

3. Light Exercise

Within 2 days after IUI, we suggest you to do some light exercises that not cause you a lot of tiredness. Therefore, swimming is not recommended at this moment.

4. Having Sex

Sex is not prohibited. However, it is better to refrain for 48 hours in case of bleeding.

5. Follow the doctor’s prescription

No matter it is oral medication or suppository, please follow your doctor’s instruction strictly.

6. Wait for the result for 2 weeks

During the waiting period, please stay calm, relax and not to be overthinking. Pregnancy test before reaching these 2 weeks may cause you anxiety. Since its result might not be correct. Thus, we suggest you to wait for your scheduled test then visit the doctor in order to receive the precise result accordingly.

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