Semen Analysis

The reason of infertility is caused by many factors. From males is about 20-30%, females about 40-55 %, cause both male and female about 20-30% and contributory in another 10-20%. The semen analysis test is the most important infertility test. Semen analysis is the first step in the medical evaluation of male infertility. The semen analysis will help determine whether there is a male factor involved in the couple’s sub-fertility. We can detect causes that can be treated. It requires a history of physical examination as well as laboratory tests. The choice will depend on the history and physical examination of the person. Semen Analysis must be done in all cases.

Semen Analysis is divided into two parts
– Macroscopic Examination
– Microscopic Examination

Sperm Collecting Instruction
1. You should abstain from any sexual activity for at least 2-3 days (but not longer than 7 days) before visiting clinic to collect the sperm.
2. The sperm should be collected after you have washed your hands and penis with soap and water, be sure to rinse away all of the soap residue. Dry thoroughly before collecting the sample.
3. The sample should be collected by masturbation directly into a sterile clean and dry container. If masturbation could not be possible, coitus interruptus can be accepted.
4. Condoms or lubricant must not be used because they contain agents that kill sperm.
5. Sterile, wide-mouthed containers ready for used can be obtained from our hospital.
6. In case the husband cannot produce a specimen at the hospital and the collection happens outside, the sperm should be submitted to the clinic as soon as possible.
7. Use a sterile container which you can obtain from the Clinic to collect the semen. The container must be completely covered right after the collection and delivered to the clinic within 1 hour.
8. Do not ever store the semen in the refrigerator or on ice.