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Fertility Problem & OB-GYN Counseling Service

Apart from being a professional fertility treatment center, fertility specialists at Prime Fertility Clinic Thailand are also skillful in woman’s health or gynecological issue for every woman in all ages. Together with modern equipment and our expert team.

We are providing the fertility problem & OB-GYN counseling service for examples:
• Examination of reproductive organ
• Gynecological disease
• Menstrual disorder
• Annual PV test (Per Vaginal Examination / Pelvic Examination)
• Male ejaculation problem
• Fertility problem of spouse
• How to be new mom and dad after becoming pregnant

For a couple who is planning to have a baby but still hesitates how to start or how to comply with. Prime Fertility Clinic is the best assistant helping every couple to create a perfect family. Our initial procedures are including:

1. Consult with obstetric & gynecologist for physical and mental preparation of husband and wife.

2. Medical examination after doctor’s consultation. In order to detect the cause of problems then determine the treatment plan later on.
– Female : Physical examination by ultrasound, uterine cavity assessment, egg quality measurement and blood test. For the mental health, please do not be too much nervous or anxious about having a baby. Since the stress may affect hormone function inside the body.
– Male : Blood Test and Semen Analysis

3. Once receiving the examination report, doctor will advise a pregnancy plan. Patient may start with natural fertilization for 3-4 cycles. Some cases will need to use the assisted reproductive technology. Depending on the cause of infertility and physical condition of husband and wife.

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