Semen Analysis

Infertility is caused by many factors as follows:
1. Male factor is about 30-40%
2. Female factor is about 30-40%
3. Male & Female factor about 30%
4. Unknown factor is about 10-20%

Semen analysis is a main fertility examination in male. However, in order to evaluate the cause of infertility, leading to the appropriate treatment, there are some necessary steps including history taking, health checkup as well as other laboratory tests.

The laboratory tests are consisting of various types of male infertility examination. What needs to be evaluated depends on an individual’s medical history and physical checkup. But semen analysis is compulsory to every case.

Semen Analysis can be divided in 2 parts:
1. Macroscopic Examination
2. Microscopic Examination

Sperm Collecting Instruction
1. Male should refrain from any sexual activity and ejaculation for at least 2-3 days but not longer than 7 days
2. Wash your hands and penis with soap and water, be sure to rinse away all of the soap residue. Dry thoroughly before collecting the semen.
3. Collect the semen by masturbation
4. Avoid touching the area inside the container while collecting the semen
5. Condom is not allowed as it contains lubricants that can damage the sperm