How to celebrate the new year and be ready to have a baby next year

A new year celebration is coming. You must have long list of parties, don’t you?  It can’t help if you can’t avoid fancy drinks, a big feast, and all-night parties.

The organ pressed and rubbed by cycling may result in infertility!?

People playing a sport like cycling normally need to wear tight outfits or pants and also sit on small saddles making testicles pressed when sitting. Heat and fustiness during activities will increase the body’s temperature.

Syphilis in pregnant women, how is it dangerous?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the treponema pallidum bacteria that has a helically coiled shape and has a mean incubation period of 2 – 4 weeks.

After hysteroscopy, why do polyps come back again?

Usually, polyps will be completely removed by surgery. However, the procedure is done by the naked eye. So, there might be some polyp cells remaining and these cells are not visible to the human eye.

What can you eat during ovarian stimulation?

According to the doctor’s recommendations, during ovarian stimulation, it would be better to focus on eating food that is fresh, cooked, and clean, including eating 5 food groups.

Cyst keeps coming back. Will the chance of having a baby decrease?

Most cases, people who keep having cysts are people who have chocolate cysts. It is a disease that responds to female hormones. There are always chances of cysts coming back if they are not controlled by hormones.

Risky jobs leading to infertility!

Jobs risking in becoming infertile are jobs that make lives more difficult and unusual such as, working in shifts and working late at night.

Is ERA TEST needed?

Patients who need ERA TEST are people who have a history of qualified embryo implantation (Patients might have or have not proceeded chromosome testing.) and have not succeeded at least 2 times. These people are considered Recurrent implantation failure: RIF.

Why is holding bladder needed before embryo transfer?

Before embryo transfer, holding your bladder is necessary. During the embryo transfer, you will also get an ultrasound.

Want to do Egg Freezing? How many Eggs do you need?

The egg cell is the biggest cell in human body and composed of water as main organelle. Freezing the egg cell by using slow freezing technique might cause ice crystals that eventually could damage the cell structure, leading to low success rate.

What Causes Unqualified Endometrial Preparation?

Endometrium plays a significant role in embryo implantation and pregnancy. If the endometrium is ready enough, the chance of successful embryo implantation rate can increase. So can the pregnancy rate.

True or not? Ovulation switches sides

There is a belief about whether ovulation switches sides. Last month was right-sided ovulation, so this month must be left-sided? Is it true that it keeps switching sides every month?