Want to do Egg Freezing? How many Eggs do you need?

The egg cell is the biggest cell in human body and composed of water as main organelle. Freezing the egg cell by using slow freezing technique might cause ice crystals that eventually could damage the cell structure, leading to low success rate.

What Causes Unqualified Endometrial Preparation?

Endometrium plays a significant role in embryo implantation and pregnancy. If the endometrium is ready enough, the chance of successful embryo implantation rate can increase. So can the pregnancy rate.

True or not? Ovulation switches sides

There is a belief about whether ovulation switches sides. Last month was right-sided ovulation, so this month must be left-sided? Is it true that it keeps switching sides every month?

Have a baby during the end of the year. A baby will be smart and less to worry!

The perfect time for having a baby is the end of the year. If you give birth to a child during 2023, July to August, you will have a smart and reliable child for your family.

SPERM SLOWTH, a selection of mature sperm, increases fertilization rate

How to use Sperm SlowTH for ICSI Sperm SlowTH contains Hyaluronan which has a property for mature sperm selection for fertilization.

Tips to improve sperm quality for father-to-be!

For men who are planning to fulfill a family, a good way is a preparation by which you can get a check up and semen analysis to see whether your sperm is healthy or not. This way, you will know an appropriate method to prepare yourself.

What is Dermoid Cyst?

Dermoid cyst is a type of ovarian cyst that has a low chance of transforming into cancer in the future. Only 1-2% of dermoid cysts are cancerous. It may contain structures such as fat, hair, and teeth inside.

Should patients, during fertility treatment, eat vegetarian food?

For this coming vegetarian festival, does eating vegetarian food affect patients during egg stimulation or embryo transfer? We would say yes. It causes some effects to the patients.

Who is suitable for IUI?

IUI or Intrauterine insemination is one of assisted reproductive technology and also highly popular. It is a natural-like method and it gives higher success rate than usual sexual intercourse.

Preparation of the Endometrium: What to prepare and nourish?

There are various factors to prepare the endometrium to be proper for embryo transfer such as physical preparation and lifestyle. Selecting vitamins for nourishment is also important.

How does chocolate cyst affect women?

Chocolate Cyst is a type of ovarian cyst. It is a subgroup of endometriosis and it is found mostly in women of reproductive age.

What would be the criteria for Semen Analysis according to WHO 2021?

Semen Analysis according to WHO 2021 is a semen examination in both quantitative methods (Volume and motility) and qualitative methods (Morphology). The latest WHO criteria are in the year 2021