“Cervical Mucus”, a sign of ovulation and getting ready to have a baby

Fertile Cervical Mucus is the mucus that is secreted from the cervix due to the rise of estrogen level during ovulation.

“Cervical Mucus”, a sign of ovulation and getting ready to have a baby


This cervical mucus will be secreted a lot 2-3 days before ovulation. The property of this mucus is to help sperm travel more easily into the uterine cavity. So, the chance of getting pregnant increases as well.

So, what are the differences in discharge throughout the cycle? What type is fertile cervical mucus during ovulation?

  • Mucus after menstruation: It will look dry.
  • Mucus before ovulation: It has a cream-like appearance, similar to lotion, with a slight thickness.
  • Mucus on ovulation day: The mucus will be white and clear, similar to raw egg white. It is slippery, flexible, and won’t tear apart when stretching.
  • Mucus after ovulation: It will be thick and creamy.

Normally, if the egg is not fertilized with sperm after the day of ovulation, cervical mucus will become thicker and more condensed. Or there can be no cervical mucus at all. Then, menstruation starts. If the egg is fertilized with sperm or during pregnancy, some cervical mucus may still be secreted.

Therefore, if this mucus comes out, it means that it is the time of ovulation. It is a sign that you should have sex if you plan to have children.


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