Egg Freezing, the option of modern women

Egg Freezing is an option for modern women to design the married life according to women’s needs.

Egg Freezing, the option of modern women


Many young women have probably received advice about the time to have baby. But in the context of the readiness of each person, it’s different in terms of several aspects, such as finance, timing of life. Planning for having children in the future by using egg freezing has become very popular. It is a plan for pregnancy in the future in which women are still being able to enjoy life. And to avoid the risk of infertility due to aging. Today we will take all the ladies to get to know about egg freezing in order to make a decision. And understand this technology more. Let’s go see!


What is Egg Freezing? Who should get this service?

Egg freezing is a technology that extracts the most perfect egg cells from the female and keeps it in the most suitable temperature and environment so that the frozen egg cells remain unchanged and maintain its quality for future use. When the woman is ready to conceive, the frozen eggs will be thawed and fertilized with sperm from the male. Until the embryo is obtained and transferred back into the uterus to enable the pregnancy. 

For those who are wondering about the chance of getting pregnant using egg freezing? The success of pregnancy will not depend only on the quality of the eggs but it also depends on the woman’s physical condition. Whether it is the age, physical health, or other factors that affect pregnancy. The older you get, the less likely you are to have children. Therefore, when doing egg freezing, the clinic would like to advise that women are encouraged to attend counseling for pregnancy plan at an appropriate time. To make its process more efficient.

And for those who should get the egg freezing, there are 3 main groups as follows:

  1. Those who want to plan to have children in the future: For those who want to have children in the future, it is best to do egg freezing soon in order to obtain the most fertile egg cells and can be used when needed. During that time, women are still being able to fully enjoy the freedom of life. Whether it’s work, travel, or getting pregnant at advance maternal age, etc.
  2. The patients who need chemotherapy or radiation: In the treatment process that requires various chemical drugs or radiation, it may cause egg cells to deteriorate or decompose during treatment. In this group of patients, they may not be able to have children. Therefore, eggs should be frozen before receiving chemotherapy in order to be able to have children in the future.
  3. The patients with congenital diseases that affect fertility, such as ovarian cancer, uterine cysts, or ovarian surgery to treat the disease. These patients will face the problems of premature ovarian failure. Therefore, egg freezing is another way to help women conceive in the future by keeping the eggs before the treatment process and using the eggs once the treatment has finished.


For these 3 groups we have given examples. If you want to store your eggs, freeze them (Egg Freezing) in order to have children in the future, it is recommended to do before the age of 35 to get the most complete and quality egg cells. Studies have shown that egg freezing can be stored for up to 20 years. And is effective in pregnancy up to 80%, making egg freezing widely popular today.


Prime Fertility Center is providing a new option for treating infertility and the best pregnancy plan.

This is good knowledge about egg freezing that we have brought you today. It can be seen that the innovation of egg freezing is another interesting technology and very effective in planning pregnancy. Suitable for the lifestyle of modern people who want freedom and may not pay attention to their health as much as they should. Because when the time has passed, these various factors will greatly affect the quality of the egg which results in infertility. Egg freezing will help couples to effectively prepare for having children in the future. Use the frozen eggs at any time you want. To get healthy, fertile eggs, and a successful pregnancy.

For any couples who want to plan to have children in the future and looking for a place where the consultation of pregnancy plan, cutting-edge technology, and fertility specialist are provided. To fulfill your wish, kindly contact us for pregnancy planning consultation. At Prime Fertility Center, a clinic specialized in infertility treatment and planning pregnancy. We are providing egg freezing at special price. Select international standard technology and tools that is accepted around the world. Services are provided by a team of doctors specializing in infertility treatment which has expertise and professionalism and provide service with the utmost care to give you the best results.

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