GERD during pregnancy may lead to preterm labor

GERD during pregnancy may lead to preterm labor

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is one of the most popular symptoms during pregnancy that happens very easily and quite often.


GERD during pregnancy may lead to preterm labor


This is partly caused by changes in hormones and internal systems of the body. Also, as the mother’s belly is getting bigger along with the growth of the baby in the womb, it will press the stomach, leading to acid reflux easily.

Especially during the night or after having a meal, the mother will feel a burning sensation in her chest. It usually happens to pregnant women during the first 6-12 weeks, including between 3-6 months, and near delivery.

Here are guides for acid reflux prevention in pregnant women: 

🔸 Avoid eating before bedtime. Eat proteins that are easily digestible and low in fat, such as chicken and fish. Also, the mother should not eat a lot of food at a time, they can have small meals, but more often instead. This will also help prevent acid reflux.

🔸 GERD can be cured by medicines depending on the discretion of the doctor. Most of the drugs given for this disease are anti-acid reflux liquid medicines, which will directly help reduce stomach acid.

🔸 Avoid some kinds of food, such as fermented foods, spicy or sour foods, also caffeine and alcohol.

🔸 Try not to be stressful as the stress can stimulate the body to secrete more gastric juices in the stomach.

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