Having irregular periods may put you at risk for PCOS

Health is better than wealth. It is greatly true for those who are experiencing sickness that regular self-care is essential.


It’s especially important for women to monitor their periods. If you have knowledge and understanding, you will be able to identify the abnormalities that may lead to PCOS, a common disorder that many women have experienced.

Any abnormalities such as irregular periods, missed periods, being overweight, acne, excess hair growth on face, chest and lower abdomen, etc. If you have these symptoms, you are likely to have PCOS. Therefore, you should see a doctor for a diagnosis.

The best way is not to ignore these little symptoms. You better see a doctor for further treatment plan. 

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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Counseling & Check up with Doctor

Prime Fertility Clinic not only specializes in fertility treatment, but our gynecologist is also a master in woman care of all ages with modern technology and professional medical team. 

We provide services on obstetric and gynecological advice and infertility issues as follows:

  • Reproductive Health Check
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Women with menstrual problems
  • Women with unknown abdominal pain
  • Annual pelvic examination
  • Men with ejaculation disorders
  • Couples with infertility 
  • How to get ready for parents-to-be once pregnant

For couples that are planning for a baby but you don’t know how to start and who you should consult with, Prime Fertility Clinic offers you full support for a perfect family. There are following steps: 

  1. Physical and mental preparation for a doctor consultation
  2. After a doctor consultation, an analysis will be performed to determine the causes for further treatment plan.
    – Female: Doing ultrasound scan to examine uterine condition, egg condition and blood tests. For mental health, you should not be too worried about having a baby because it will affect hormone production.

    – Male: Blood tests and semen analysis
  1. After you have been informed about the results, our specialized doctor will advise you on family planning. It can be started by natural pregnancy for 3-4 times. Another option for treatment is to use Assisted Reproductive Technology. It is determined by the patient’s infertility factors and medical condition.

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