How much does IUI cost? How to increase your chance of getting pregnant?

Let’s compare clearly: how much does IUI cost? How much does IVF cost? Is ICSI expensive?

How much does IUI cost? How to increase your chance of getting pregnant?


Those who are infertile or have undergone natural methods, another solution is seeing a doctor with specific expertise to proceed with the appropriate method. One of the most popular options has to be “IUI” or intrauterine insemination. However, what must be evaluated before making decision is the budget. Therefore, we would like to suggest that the couples should check about how much IUI costs and what kind of techniques are available. Including clearly comparing how much does ICSI cost? Is IVF cheaper or more expensive?

We would like to briefly explain that IUI or Intra-Uterine Insemination is a modern medical technique for solving the problem of infertility for both men and women. The method used by doctors involves injecting semen that has already been prepared directly into the woman’s uterus. To reduce the risk of the sperm dying before reaching the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg. This means that the egg has a better chance of implanting and fertilizing. Moreover, doctors often calculate the days of ovulation. Or use a device to help estimate the day of ovulation and then schedule an injection to increase the success rate of pregnancy as well. When talking about the cost of IUI, the price doesn’t vary much from one hospital to another.

How much does IUI cost? How is it different from other methods?

For IUI, the price starts at around 10,000 – 25,000 baht, but some hospitals may be more expensive depending on the packages, promotions, or services that will be received. However, if you evaluate the basic services that you will receive when paying tens of thousands of baht, the service will range from physical examinations for both men and women, seeing a specialist doctor, egg stimulation, ultrasound, IUI, and pregnancy test.

Many people may wonder why other infertility treatments, such as ICSI, are many times more expensive? If you choose to do IVF, how much will the price be different from IUI, ICSI? Therefore, we would like to explain basic information to make budget planning easier. In case someone is interested in doing ICSI, the estimated price will be correct with better results.

  • IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

As explained above, it is a method which the doctor takes sperm that has been analyzed and then injects it into the woman’s uterus on the day of ovulation. In principle, it is considered the closest method to having children naturally. This is because the doctor will test and select the best male sperm to use. If the sperm can reach the fallopian tube and successfully fertilize the egg, the chance of getting pregnant is not difficult. Due to this uncomplicated method, the price of IUI is not very high. Average in the early ten thousand to just over 20,000 baht.

  • IVF (In-Vito Fertilization)

The doctor will select the most fertile female egg and the strongest male sperm, then place them in a culture dish for the sperm to combine with the egg itself, which is external fertilization. When the fertilized egg is obtained and is cultured to embryo, it is transferred back into the woman’s uterus to allow the pregnancy. From this information, IVF treatment is more expensive, on average, ranging from 70,000 – 200,000 baht for government hospitals. And approximately 200,000 – 400,000 baht for private clinics. But if it’s a leading private hospital for IVF, the price has a chance of exceeding 400,000 baht as well. These costs include medications for stimulating ovulation, medicine to prevent ovulation, injection to induce ovum maturity, costs for collecting eggs and sperm, preimplantation genetic testing, embryo freezing, embryo transfer, etc., But nowadays many health facilities do not provide this method anymore.

  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

This method can also be called IVF because it is similar to IVF. The strongest sperm will be selected and injected into the best eggs using a small needle to help with fertilization. This is followed by culturing the embryos in the laboratory for approximately 5-6 days. The embryo is then transferred into the woman’s uterine cavity. The embryo will implant in the uterine wall and continue to grow into a fetus. The price of ICSI is not much different from IVF because the techniques used are similar. In government hospitals, the price of ICSI will start from 70,000 – 200,000 baht. 190,000 – 400,000 baht in private clinics, and 400,000 – 500,000 baht in leading private hospitals. Each place will have different promotions, prices, testing list depending on the patients to choose where to receive treatment.

From the whole information above, it is easier for many people to make their own plans about which type of procedure they should choose. IUI is the cheapest of all methods. Any couples who are facing such problems, we would recommend “Prime Fertility Center”, a specialized clinic for solving infertility problems. Outstanding with the most modern technology that meets international standards. Doctors have specialized expertise. Moreover, treating with ICSI is not as expensive as you think.


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