Hydrosalpinx! Another cause of infertility!

As you know, a fallopian tube is important for fertilization process. If some problems happen to the fallopian tube or the tube becomes swollen with fluid inside, there will be pregnancy obstacles consequently.


Hydrosalpinx is a condition that the ending part of fallopian tube is blocked. The condition makes the secretion produced from a fallopian tube unable to release. Therefore, the fallopian tube becomes blocked and swollen with fluid.

How does hydrosalpinx affect pregnancy?

If the end portion of the tube is blocked, the reflux of fluid inside the swollen tube will happen to the uterus then disturb the embryo implantation as well as the fluid may blow the embryo away.

The secretion of inflammatory substance reduces the suitability of embryo implantation inside uterine cavity.
The toxicity of fluid inside the blocked tube affects embryo development and reduces implantation rate.

Women who have risks of hydrosalpinx should hurry up to consult with the fertility specialist in order to receive diagnosis and get the appropriate treatment based on their own situation.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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