Infertility Treatment Obstacles

Infertility Treatment Obstacles

Nowadays, the assisted reproductive technology is getting more advanced. But the average success rate is only 30-40% in all age groups. Therefore, both husband and wife need to keep mentally and physically strong.  

Infertility Treatment Obstacles

Being healthy is important for having baby. To eat 5 categories of food, exercise regularly and strictly follow the instruction of your fertility treatment specialist may ease these following problems.

1. Poor egg quality
When woman is getting older, her egg count and ovarian performance will be deteriorated. Apart from health and lifestyle, aging is a key factor affecting egg quality and ovarian performance. Women in over 35 years of age may have low egg count and poor egg quality even though their ovaries have been stimulated. Definitely, people cannot turn back time but being healthy as much as possible is one thing you should do.

2. Low sperm quality
Sperm quality plays an important role in success of the fertility treatment. Therefore, husband’s health is a factor of pregnancy. Some medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure as well as unhealthy lifestyle habits e.g., drinking alcohol, smoking, sleeping insufficiently, stress may cause low sperm count or poor sperm quality.

3. Few embryos and poor quality
This is also a major problem caused from both husband and wife. Since the fewness or the inferiority of embryo (low quality) can affect your pregnancy chance.
Wife: Low egg count, poor egg quality, have or used to have some diseases affecting the quality of eggs.
Husband: Low sperm count and poor sperm quality lead the lower chance of getting Grade A embryo after fertilization with egg.

4. Embryo transfer problems
Once embryos have been completely cultured inside the laboratory, embryos will be transferred to the uterine cavity. This step is also important. In case of some issues inside uterine cavity such as thin endometrium may cause unsuccessful embryo transfer. Furthermore, women should take care of themselves very well after the embryo transfer. Having a sufficient sleep, no hard-working or hard activities in order to allow the embryo to implant well. This may help to reduce the possibility of failure consequently.

5. Chromosome abnormalities
A reason why women cannot conceive even though they have good embryos to be transferred is because of embryo’s chromosome disorders. Therefore, embryo implantation and pregnancy will not happen. Or the embryo has already implanted but stops growing.


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