Let’s check the symptoms of period pain

Let’s check the symptoms of period pain. Period pain doesn’t happen in only lower abdomen!

Let’s check the symptoms of period pain


Let’s check!

Apart from the lower abdominal pain, have you ever noticed the pain in the other parts of your body while you’re having period? Generally, the period pain tends to happen about 1-2 days before or during menstrual bleeding.

The symptoms of period pain are different among women. Some may have colicky pain or intermittent pain in their lower abdomen. And some may experience the pain in the back, thighs, knees, shoulders, or breast engorgement. 

Moreover, other symptoms may occur, such as nausea, vomit, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, and faint.

If you have a slight pain in the areas mentioned above, it is considered not dangerous. However, in case of severe pain in the abdomen or the mentioned areas, it is highly recommended to see the doctor immediately. Due to these symptoms can be the cause of some harmful diseases.


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