Lifespan and Production of Sperm,อายุของอสุจิและการสร้างอสุจิ,精子的存活以及产生精子的流程

Lifespan and Production of Sperm

Sperm Lifespan

Generally, sperm cells can survive for 7 days inside male’s body. But the fertilization ability of sperm is excellent during the first 48 hours or about 2 days after sexual intercourse. Male who has reached puberty is able to produce sperm for the entire life if he is still healthy. Although aging may affect sperm count, healthy sperm can fertilize with egg then create pregnancy accordingly.


Sperm Production

The production of sperm and semen start from tiny tubes in the testicles. These tubes called the seminiferous tubules which produce sperm cells. Then the sperm travel through the epididymis behind testicles. Vas deferens is a tube that connects the testicles with the seminal vesicle where seminal fluid is produced and stored. The sperm move to the vas deferens then mix with the seminal fluid inside the seminal vesicle in order to facilitate the sperm motility. Once male reaches the climax in sexual activity, he will ejaculate semen through the urethra that connects with seminal vesicle and urinary bladder. For each ejaculation, semen volume ranges from 1.5 ml to 5 ml. that contains approximately 60-500 million sperm.

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