Men, Too, Need HPV Vaccines

Many may think that HPV vaccines (Human Papillomavirus) are for women. In fact, men can also get HPV vaccination.

HPV virus is a cause of cervical cancer, condyloma, anal cancer, and oropharyngeal cancer. HPV can infect through sexual intercourse and oral sex.

HPV vaccination increases the prevention of these viruses effectively. It also has these benefits listed below:
1. Prevent infection from sexual intercourse or direct contact with the virus
2. Reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to the partner

Male homosexuals, in particular, are also required to receive HPV vaccination to reduce the risk of infection that will lead to anal or penile cancer in the future.

To be concise, HPV vaccines are beneficial for every gender. Hence, everybody should get the vaccines before sexual intercourse. The suitable age to get the vaccine for the most effective prevention is around 9-26 years old. With this, we can reduce the risk of infection in both yourself and your partner.

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