Pelvic Adhesion, A big problem that may cause infertility!

Pelvic adhesion is frequently found in women and it should be treated urgently. Unless, your dream of having babies may become more difficult.

Pelvic adhesion is a connective tissue that occurs in the area of pelvic organs. Mostly found in fallopian tubes, ovaries, back of uterus. Pelvic infection or some common inflammations such as endometriosis and chocolate cyst can cause pelvic adhesion.

Moreover, a cause of pelvic adhesion is uterine or abdominal wall injury from the previous surgery making the adhesions are formed. As well as unknown causes are possible. These adhesions will probably bind a part of various organs.

If you leave the adhesion for a long time, it may obstruct sperm’s pathway or lead blocked fallopian tubes then make no fertilization or a greater risk of ectopic pregnancy.

How do you recognize your pelvic adhesion? Women can notice some abnormalities. Signs or symptoms depend on an individual incident, e.g.,

  • Pelvic pain: tightening, dulling, piercing
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Severe period pain
  • Constipation, frequent urination or recurrent cystitis
  • Back pain and probably feeling hurt one leg or both
  • Pelvic pain during sexual intercourse

Pelvic adhesion affects fertility and so much disturbs daily life. Therefore, once you notice these symptoms, please hurry up to consult with the doctor then find out the solution. Because to ignore the problem for a long time may bring severe symptom as well as ruin women’s health in the long term.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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