Retrograde Ejaculation (RE)

What is Retrograde Ejaculation?

According to a normal ejaculation, sperm cells move from testicle, pass through vas deferens, combine with fluid from seminal vesicle and prostate gland.

Retrograde Ejaculation (RE)


After that, they travel to ejaculatory duct then integrate with bulbourethral gland fluid to become semen. It passes through urethra to its tip. Pushed out by intermittent contraction of muscles while a bladder neck is being tight in order to prevent semen flowing back.

But in case of retrograde ejaculation, semen flows back into bladder. As a result, no semen released when reaching sexual climax. It’s known as a dry orgasm. Men can realize the feeling as usual. After that, sperm cells or fructose will be found in urine by a urine test.


  • Dysautonomia
  • Congenital abnormalities, e.g., bladder neck incompetence causing sphincter muscle can’t perform regularly
  • Nerve injury as a complication after prostate surgery
  • Side effect of some medicines, such as tamsulosin (medicine to relax the muscles of prostate and bladder neck), alpha-1 blockers 
  • Complication of diabetes, especially in diabetes patients who can’t appropriately control their blood sugar in a long term



Retrograde ejaculation can be treated by medication in case of slight nerve injury due to diabetes, constricted blood vessels, or minor injury of spinal nerve. However, drug treatment may become ineffective in some cases, e.g., permanent damage to prostate or testicle due to chemotherapy, muscle or nerve injury because of prostate surgery.


Fertility Treatment:

For any couples who experience infertility as a result of retrograde ejaculation and it can’t be treated by drugs, fertility treatment using the assisted reproductive technology will be needed. By having a husband consume some alkaline drink like bicarbonate of soda to lower the level of uric acid. After the orgasm, post-ejaculation urinalysis will be performed to check the presence of sperm in urine. Then sperm cells will be prepared for use in IUI or IVF respectively.



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