Semen Analysis with Lenshooke

A semen analysis is a test of the components of semen, including the overall quality of sperm.

Semen Analysis with Lenshooke


The analysis will mainly analyze 3 parameters which are sperm count, sperm morphology, and sperm motility. Semen analysis also checks for possible infections based on the amount of white blood cells in the semen.

There are 2 main methods for analysis:
1. Macroscopic Examination looks for the general appearance of the semen, the turbidity, the dissolution, the volume, the viscosity, and pH of the semen.
2. Microscopic Examination looks for sperm count, motility rate, viability rate, sperm morphology, white and red blood cell counts.

Apart from the 2 methods mentioned above, at present, there is also semen analysis using AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems. Prime Fertility Center has introduced an intelligent analysis machine called LensHooke® X1 PRO Semen Quality Analyzer. It is a technology combining macroscopic and optical microscopic together. It has a video recording system and analyzes semen quality with AI using the World Health Organization (WHO 6th edition) criteria, which takes only 5 minutes to evaluate.

The machine can find 4 variables of semen as follows:
1. pH value
2. Concentration
3. Motility
4. Morphology

LensHooke consists of the following features:

  • Digital camera capture system (Digital) is processed to analyze and report the results of semen quality analysis through the monitor screen.
  • Image transmission system provides high resolution images (Full High Definition), image resolution of 1080 pixels, including moving images.
  • Images are displayed in real time.
  • There is a control and processing function consisting of
  • pH processing
  • Sperm concentration processing: It can report analysis of sperm concentration measurement in units of millions per milliliter (M/ml).
  • Sperm motility processing: It can report total motility of sperm, sperm that move forward (Progressive; PR), sperm that move quickly (Rapid), and sperm that move slowly (Slow), sperm that move in circles (Non-Progressive; NR) within percentage unit and microns per second (μm/s).
  • Kinetics Values showing average sperm movement values along with calculating various values.

LensHooke® X1 PRO Semen Quality Analyzer

It is a machine that has been certified according to standards as follows:
• CE Marking
• ISO 13485 Medical Device
• G.M.P. Medical Device
• NMPA (National Medical Products Administration

The device uses a Machine Learning algorithm to select the strongest sperm that are most likely to fertilize the egg resulting in increasing the chance of pregnancy. It is a very fast method to evaluate sperm by taking only 5 minutes.

In addition, the processing of semen analysis each time is highly accurate because the video file and the original data file (Raw Data) are recorded and the results can be re-analyzed. It can compare old results with new results to monitor semen quality, including reducing chances of interpersonal error. Most importantly, married couples can see the movement and shape of sperm as well.


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