Should patients, during fertility treatment, eat vegetarian food?

For this coming vegetarian festival, does eating vegetarian food affect patients during egg stimulation or embryo transfer? We would say yes. It causes some effects to the patients.

General practice of vegetarian festivals, people will need to refrain from eating all animal-based foods such as meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, oil, and butter which are derived from animals.

Also, animal products are the source of protein. Protein comprises amino acids which some of amino acids are not in plants. Hence, human body cannot synthesize the amino acids on their own and nutrition deficiency can affect human’s health.

We also have some substitution which is plant protein such as nuts, seaweed and mushroom. It can be a substitution of protein but high consumption is needed.

However, there is no reliable research to support that eating vegetarian food will decline egg quality.
Since it takes around 10 days for the festival, we recommend better skip to maintain health nourishment. For medical purposes, it would be best to eat 5 food groups to gain nutrition from plants and meat especially eggs and dairy products which are protein sources.

A lack of nutrition may decline egg quality and sperm quality. This is what we need to be concerned about.
Also, food groups such as tofu, soy milk and textured vegetable protein which most of them are made from nuts.

Especially soy beans that contain female hormones which is called Phytoestrogen. In case of too much consumption, it can stimulate female reproductive organs such as abnormal endometrial conditions. It can also affect those who are during embryo transfer preparation in case that the patients are sensitive to hormones.

Therefore, for those who eat too much vegetarian food and nuts, some problems may arise during embryo transfer and implantation.

However, it is also possible to eat vegetarian. Then, you can proceed to egg stimulation and endometrial preparation next cycle that you can eat 5 food groups.

In any cases, please consult with your doctor for more suggestions if you should avoid vegetarian food during the treatment or not.

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