To get pregnant, can you buy ovarian stimulating pills by yourself?

To get pregnant, can you buy ovarian stimulating pills by yourself?

To get pregnant, can you buy ovarian stimulating pills by yourself?


For those who are experiencing infertility problems “Ovarian stimulating medicine” is another important thing for having children. The purpose of taking ovarian stimulating medicine is to stimulate the production of eggs. It helps each egg to be complete and ready for fertilization, causing the chance of a successful pregnancy to increase.

And can a person buy ovarian stimulating pills by themselves?
Even now a person can buy ovarian stimulating pills by themselves. But doctors still don’t recommend it. It is best to use medicine under the advice of a medical professional only!!

This is because ovarian-stimulating medicine, in addition to having the effect of stimulating eggs, there can also be complications as a result. The doctor will help the patient evaluate what type of medication they should take. How much? And when to take it, how many eggs will one get through an ultrasound scan?

This is because some patients may be sensitive to the drug and cause too many eggs produced after stimulation. When many eggs are stimulated, the result is a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), causing ascites and stomach ache. If the patients are pregnant, there’s a chance they’ll be pregnant with twins or getting pregnant with more than 2 babies. Some patients may not respond well to the medicine, resulting in the eggs not growing. Therefore, the medicine must be adjusted to suit each individual.

Therefore, you should not buy ovarian stimulating pills to take yourself. And it is recommended for patients to be examined and treated by a medical professional before taking the medicine.


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