Trying to get pregnant for several years but have never succeeded. 

What exactly is the reason?

“The problem of infertility” is something that many families worry about, right?

The more you try, the more you get discouraged. Today, we must first get to know the real cause of these problems in order to find the best solution. What exactly causes it?  We would divide the causes according to gender: men and women as follows.

Causes of infertility from men

  • Lifestyles, such as drinking alcohol regularly, smoking, or even using drugs.
  • Age and health problems, such as hormonal abnormalities which may be the cause of abnormal ejaculation, abnormal sperm morphology, weak sperm, erectile dysfunction, or even less sexual intercourse.
  • Health problems, such as infertility or receiving chemotherapy.

Causes of infertility from women

  • Lifestyle: same as the male side
  • Eating food that is harmful to health may cause obesity which can have an impact on having children.
  • Stress caused by work or personal problems
  • Increasing age and health problems caused by hormonal changes
  • Health problems, such as anovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, or uterine fibroids. Most women with uterine problems like this often have irregular menstrual symptoms and unusual abdominal pain. If detected early, there is a chance of being cured and being ready to have children naturally.

Therefore, a couple should see a doctor to discuss the cause of both sides. For most men, the doctor will take a medical history and have a semen analysis. So, the man should refrain from ejaculating sperm for 2-7 days before seeing the doctor. As for finding the cause in women, the doctor usually takes a medical history, performs pelvic examination, and checks hormone levels, etc.

Therefore, checking for abnormalities is very important because the sooner we know the cause, the more chances of having children. If you have really tried and couldn’t have a child, try consulting a doctor specializing in infertility in order to find the treatment guidelines.

However, we wish every family to be able to overcome these obstacles.


Prime Fertility Center, we not only provide infertility treatment services but what we aim and consistently develop is customer service with care, being ready to provide consultation, taking care and paying attention to every emotion like a family member. As we well understand the feeling, pressure, and stress of those who are unable to have babies. So, we aim to deliver warmth and offer full services to facilitate our patients. We work with the determination and attention of our specialized doctor, embryologists, and skillful staff in taking care of the patients and providing a comprehensive counseling service.

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