Want A Daughter / A Son … Do sex positions influence baby’s gender?

Sex positions can determine a baby’s gender. This position will create a son. That position will create a daughter. This trick has been widely shared. I believe many people have already tried, haven’t they?

Kindly understand that among a huge number of sperm approaching an egg, there is only one sperm that can fertilize the egg successfully. Then the matching between sperm’s chromosomes and egg’s X chromosomes will determine a baby’s gender either boy or girl.

X Sperm : Fitting in weak acid environment, Large size, Tolerate and endure
Y Sperm : Fitting in weak base environment, Faster and more rapidly swim

However, sex positions may not directly determine a baby’s gender.

To adjust acid-base environment by vaginal douching in order to control X or Y sperm approaching an egg is not medically recommended! Medical studies found that it doesn’t help in baby’s gender selection. Moreover, vaginal douching may affect pH balance and cause irritation in women’s vagina as well.

To select baby’s gender by sex positions can be tried. Anyway, I hope all of you will have babies as you wish for family balancing


Dr.Wiphawee Luangtangvarodom
Fertility Specialist

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