What are the types of ovarian cysts or fluid-filled sacs?

Ovarian cysts or fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries is a condition caused by abnormalities of the ovaries.

What are the types of ovarian cysts or fluid-filled sacs?


Hormonal changes during ovulation results in women having irregular periods or feeling a lump in the lower abdomen which can even affect daily life in some cases.

In some cases, ovarian cysts may not have any effect on the body. This depends on the type of ovarian cyst which can be divided into 3 types as follows:

1. Functional Cyst

It is an ovarian cyst that is caused by the normal functioning of the ovaries to create eggs that are female reproductive cells. It is a cyst that grows and breaks, causing the egg cells to flow out. After that, this cyst will gradually collapse on its own.

2. Ovarian Cys

It is a type of ovarian tumor that has fluid inside. It can be both benign and malignant tumors or even the serious cancer type.  In most cases, each type of tumor usually has specific characteristics that can tell you which type it is.

3. Tumor-like condition

It is a tumor-like cyst or so called “Chocolate cyst”. It is caused by endometriosis. The endometrial cells grow in the ovaries, causing a cyst with old blood, dark in color, similar to chocolate inside.

And of course, each type of ovarian cyst is different. All of which result in infertility. Therefore, if women find abnormalities in their bodies like irregular menstruation, a lump in the lower abdomen, pain or acute pain in the lower abdomen, it is best to see a doctor to check and find the cause and know what type of ovarian cyst it is and what kind of treatment should they receive?

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