What are the types of technology to treat infertility?

4 Types of popular technology for infertility treatment

What are the types of technology to treat infertility?


Nowadays, there are many kinds of technology that help in conceiving. That is effective and helps the pregnancy to be successful. It effectively increases the chance of pregnancy among people who have infertility problems. Today we will take everyone to get to know 4 popular types of technology and can really see the results for the infertility treatment. To benefit parents who are preparing to plan to have children. What kind of technology will there be? Let’s go see it together!

What is infertility? How does it happen?

In a medical term, infertility refers to a couple having sex regularly approximately 3-4 times per week continuously for a period of 1 year without using birth control methods but still no pregnancy has occurred. Causes of infertility can occur in both males and females. It’s not just about the female side as many people understand. The risk factors of infertility, such as irregular periods, injury, or surgery in the reproductive organs. If you are facing infertility, please consult a doctor immediately. Especially in females aged 35 years and over.

  • Types of popular technology to treat infertility and help with pregnancy

As infertility can be caused by both males and females, the doctor will then begin treatment by searching for the cause first. To treat and solve the problem at the root cause. After that, if you are still unable to conceive by yourself naturally, you will need to consider selecting the appropriate method for further treatment. Because there are many types of technology to help in conceiving. Each method has different main factors in terms of success rates, costs, and complications. We would like to recommend 4 types of popular technology that help in getting pregnant as follows

  1. IUI – Intrauterine Insemination
    This method is suitable for men who do not have problems with sperm. And for women who are younger than 35 years and must have at least one good fallopian tube or normal on both sides only. Including must not have any other reproductive system problems. This method is an injection to stimulate eggs and take sperm from the male by selecting the strongest sperm then injected into the uterus on the day of ovulation. To help reduce the distance to approach the egg and also reduce the risk of sperm dying before fertilization. IUI has a pregnancy success rate of approximately 10-15%.
  2. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
    This method is a technology that helps solve problems for those who have difficulty having children. Sperm will be selected from the male and eggs will be extracted from female and used for external fertilization in the laboratory. The IVF method will allow the male sperm to fertilize the female egg until it becomes an embryo. And transfer the embryo into the uterine cavity. It is one of the effective methods for those suffering from infertility problems.
  3. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
    This method is a method that helps in fertilization which is one of the steps in IVF. This is the most popular method today. Suitable for men whose sperm quality is not as good as it should be and women who have problems with the reproductive system, such as blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroid, etc. In this method, 1 best sperm and 1 best egg will be selected, combined together using a needle and injected sperm directly into the egg. The fertilized egg will become an embryo and the embryo will be cultured for 5-6 days before transferring into the uterine cavity. This technology has a pregnancy success rate of approximately 50-80%.
  4. Egg Freezing
    Egg freezing is another technology that increases the chance of pregnancy. This involves preserving good quality egg cells for the future pregnancy. This method is a way to reduce the risk of infertility and other diseases caused by genetic abnormalities that may occur in the future. It is suitable for planning to have children. Or in other words: it increases the chance of pregnancy for women who are getting older and have difficulty having children.

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These are all types of technology that help with pregnancy. It is a new hope to all couples who want to have children but have undergone infertility. The doctor will consider and choose the method that is most appropriate for each couple’s physical condition. Including giving advice on planning to have children properly and take care of the health of parents appropriately at the same time.

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