What is sperm freezing? Who is suitable for this program?

It is a process in which sperm will be collected and proceeded to freezing step. In general, we will spin sperm first to help select sperm with good quality and good motility. Then, selecting the good ones for preservation.


What is it for? It is to preserve sperm in terms of quality.

Who is suitable for sperm freezing? Firstly, it is suitable for men who will receive medical treatments. For example, in case of cancer, an orchiectomy may need to be performed. Sperm production will be insufficient. This program allows sperm to be frozen for future use.

In addition, men who will receive chemotherapy around pelvic area which will damage sperm production, we recommend to do sperm freezing program.

Moreover, there is a social factor that men are unavailable to collect sperm for ICSI or IUI at the moment. The sperm will be frozen and thawed on the procedure day for women.

The best way is to use fresh sperm since frozen sperm quality might be dropped by 40-50% which means some sperm die during the process. Even though half of sperm don’t survive during freezing step, it’s still enough to thaw and proceed to ICSI procedure.

Therefore, sperm freezing is not a top option. It would be best to use fresh sperm. However, for those with problems stated above, it’s recommended freezing sperm for future use.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

Semen Analysis : https://www.primefertilitycenter.com/en/services-en/semen-analysis-en/

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