What is the right age for egg freezing?

How should you prepare yourself to get the perfect eggs?

“Doctor, I want to have a baby.” “When will I get pregnant?”

What is the right age for egg freezing?


These questions usually happen to individuals who want to have babies but have not yet succeeded. Having a child is very difficult. Nowadays, there are many types of innovation to help with pregnancy, such as ICSI, IVF. In case women are not ready to conceive, egg freezing will be a good medical innovation to keep their egg cells until they are ready to get pregnant. Today, let’s get to know about the details of egg freezing together.

Egg freezing has gained popularity widely. It can help women plan their pregnancy at the most perfect time in the future. Nowadays, the problems are including late marriage, women stay single for a longer time. Once they are ready for family life, they become too old, leading to infertility or to be unable to have a child as the time of woman’s egg cells is limited.

Egg freezing or Oocyte cryopreservation refers to the procedure that egg cells inside a woman’s body will be extracted out and frozen in order to prevent deterioration by aging. When a teenage girl begins her puberty, the ovulation will happen once a month. These egg cells are produced when she is an unborn baby with a great number of eggs at 6-7 million egg cells. After birth, there are 2 million eggs left. Once she is a youth, the number of eggs becomes only 200,000 – 500,000. And just only 400-500 eggs can lead to pregnancy, the rest will spontaneously decompose and fade away. The older you get, the more egg cells will degenerate. It is a cause of infertility and health problems of a baby. So, more women pay attention to their pregnancy plan and start attending egg freezing. As it is an option for women who are not ready to get pregnant but will be ready in the future. Moreover, egg freezing is suitable for female patients who are going to receive chemotherapy or radiation that will affect the quality and quantity of eggs. These types of therapy are needed due to the disease harming fertility at present. So, the future pregnancy will require the readiness of the body.


When should you do egg freezing for the best outcomes?

The longer waiting time, the more egg cells will degenerate by age. Egg freezing at the right time will make the best quality of eggs. The suitable time for egg freezing is during reproductive age. Age 25 to 35 years is the most suitable time for women to do egg freezing. Therefore, if you plan to get pregnant after 35 years of age, you may have to complete egg freezing first in order to get healthy eggs and reduce the risks of infertility.


How long can the eggs be stored by freezing?

Nowadays, the eggs can be stored as long as you need. This is because of technology and efficacy of freezing media. And it must be supervised by a specialist to ensure the accuracy of each step. The latest report showing a success case of IVF using the eggs that were frozen for 14 years. The quality of egg cells is similar to the previous 14 years. So, this patient can get pregnant successfully from the frozen eggs.


Preparation before egg retrieval

Egg freezing is very important. Women should prepare in advance and be ready for egg collection in order to make the egg retrieval perfect as much as possible. To obtain good quality of eggs can lead to a greater chance of more embryos. According to statistics, women aged 30-35 can have 1 child per 10-12 eggs. But women younger than 30 years old can have 1 child per 5-10 eggs approximately.

The success of pregnancy depends on quantity and quality of eggs at the age of freezing. In case of young women, there will be a high chance of successful pregnancy. So, women should take care of themselves before egg retrieval by:

  1. Having enough rest: During 1-2 days before egg retrieval, women should have sufficient rest which is no less than 8 hours a day in order to get ready for egg retrieval. Do not sleep later than 10.00 p.m. as sleeping will help the body produce better eggs.
  2. Be cheerful, no stress or anxiety as it will directly affect hormones of reproductive system, especially estrogen that is involved with egg production. Stress or anxiety will disturb the function of reproductive system, resulting in anovulation and unqualified eggs.
  3. Eating healthy foods: To consume the nutritious foods will help the eggs to be perfect and potential then ready for fertilization to get pregnant easier. For example, protein foods will make perfect eggs as well as will lower the risk of complications caused by ovarian stimulation.
  4. Reduce alcohol and caffeine during ovarian stimulation: Women should avoid alcohol drinks and caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, green tea, chocolate, and cocoa. Since these ingredients will impact directly on the efficacy of stimulating drugs, making the stimulation not complete its full efficiency. 
  5. Be punctual for injection: To inject the medicine that stimulates the egg production will help maintain the amount of medicine in bloodstream. This step is very crucial as it can increase the chance of success. Women should arrive on time every visit. No more than 1-2 hours delay. Moreover, to always inject on time will help the doctor estimate the time of ovulation for egg retrieval easier. 
  6. Avoid hard exercise: After egg stimulation, women should avoid hard exercise, especially hot yoga.
  7. Taking supplements: Women should take some useful supplements which are folic acid, astaxanthin, vitamin C, D3, B12 as these supplements will improve the quality of eggs and reduce the chance of congenital anomalies in fetus.

Egg freezing can be done at the age of 25 onward which is a suitable reproductive age, making the retrieved eggs come with good quality. Once the women are ready to get pregnant, their babies will be healthy and will have less chance of pregnancy complications.  


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