Will ICSI babies look like their parents?

This question comes up often because to have a baby from the ICSI method, it requires technology. So, it is not strange that many people might be curious: The babies born from fertilization in a lab, will they look like their mothers and fathers?

Will ICSI babies look like their parents?


Let’s understand this better.

First of all, you must understand that ICSI babies are born from the fertilization of an egg cell and a sperm cell, and then implanted in the uterus. The appearance of a person is caused by genetic makeup called “genotype”. It controls and creates various tissues to get organs that come out according to the prototype, which comes from both male and female sides.

In general, men or women who proceed with ovarian stimulation will use “their own eggs” and “their husband’s sperm”. So, a child will be born looking like their owner of the genetic makeup. The results are straightforward, just like natural pregnancy.

But in other cases, such as ICSI babies born from “donated egg” whose genetic makeup is not directly produced by the mother herself. The cause may be due to the deterioration of the egg cells or the ovaries have been removed. In this case, the child will be born with the same genotype or has a face that looks like the owner of the genetic makeup. Even though the mother is pregnant with the baby, if the baby is born from a donated egg, the baby will have a chance to look similar to the egg owner.


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