At what age is pregnancy considered to be at risk?

Young mothers

Teenage pregnancy is a problem because mother has not physically matured. Mothers are too young, still in education, having less maturity and not ready to have babies. These may affect the ability to take care of their children.


Mothers: Risk of anemia due to the competition for nutrients between mother and fetus. As well as risk of delivery problems, high tension and anxiety during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Babies: Low birth weight and delayed growth because of a nutritional deficiency. Preterm delivery may cause several health issues afterwards.

Pregnancy in advanced maternal age

Getting pregnant at 35 years of age or older can increase several risks to mother and baby. Although women in this age have readiness and be well-prepared in their wealth, career or maturity. However, the uterus, hormones and quality of eggs will be deteriorated.


Mothers: Risk of fertility problems, miscarriage, preterm delivery, medical problems during pregnancy for example; diabetes, pre-eclampsia as well as labor complications, postpartum hemorrhage.

Babies: Preterm delivery leads low birth weight and several health issues. Gestational diabetes can cause macrosomia newborn making difficulty in delivery and a greater risk of down syndrome.


Pregnancy at the right age is important. Women should be well-prepared and have a good family plan. Birth control is necessary to avoid problems from teenage pregnancy. However, egg freezing is a great solution for women who do not prefer to experience fertility problems caused from the advanced maternal age. This assisted reproductive technology can help women to preserve their eggs at the best reproductive potential age for the future needs.

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