hysterectomy, เคยผ่าตัดมดลูกมีลูกได้หรือไม่ ,做过子宫手术是否不能受孕

Can women get pregnant after hysterectomy?

Uterus is a female reproductive organ.

Located inside pelvic, pear-shaped, normal size is approximately 3 inches. This is where the fetus develops during gestation. Uterus can expand as much as the fetal growth would be. Then shrink back to the normal size after delivery.

Uterus is consisting of 3 parts:

  • Body and Fundus
  • Cervix
  • Uterine Tube

A hysterectomy is an operation to remove some parts or the entire uterus except uterine tube (which is including ovaries and fallopian tubes). Woman who had a total hysterectomy (the whole uterus has been removed) does not have menstruation and she is unable to be pregnant later on. While sex hormones are still working as long as the ovaries are performing regularly.

In case patients need to have children, surrogacy will be the solution. Since the ovaries are still producing eggs then these eggs can create fertilization consequently. And leave embryo growing up inside surrogate mother’s uterus afterwards. A legal surrogacy can be done if it is in accordance with the regulations specified by law.

Some patients who also lost their ovaries from hysterectomy because of medical indications no longer have sex hormones. Like women in menopause stage.

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