Difficult to Get Pregnant What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

Facing infertility, no matter how hard it is, treat with IVF&ICSI to get pregnant successfully. 

Facing infertility, no matter how hard it is, treat with IVF&ICSI to get pregnant successfully. 


In modern society, we are living busily. Women gain more social roles and start their family life at the older age. Consequently, people are getting more infertility problems. Various innovations have been invented to treat infertility nowadays. Likewise, in-vitro fertilization, a medical innovation for people with infertility. It can be divided in 2 methods: IVF and ICSI. Each of them has different procedures and prices depending on several factors. Today, we will talk about the difference between 2 methods and answer every question. This article will be useful for any couples who are preparing to have a baby.

Before starting fertility treatment, medical examination will be very crucial to find out the causes of infertility. Then the procedure and treatment will be selected and planned accurately.

Main causes of infertility:

  1. Female factors: It may be caused by age and health problems whether anovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian insufficiency, uterine fibroids. In case of early detection, the disease can be probably cured then natural pregnancy will be possible.
  2. Male factors: Age and health problems are also causes of male infertility, such as aging and hormonal disorders may lead to low ejaculate volume or absence of sperm. Moreover, unhealthy habits can affect fertility, e.g., regular alcohol use, heavy smoking, drug use.

After understanding causes of infertility, the specialized doctor will suggest some medical innovation to help treat infertility. There are 2 procedures: IVF and ICSI. What is it and how is it different from another? Let’s find out.

IVF (In-vitro Fertilization)

IVF is a process of unspecified fertilization. Some qualified eggs and many sperm cells are selected. Then let the sperm fertilize female’s eggs spontaneously outside of human body. After that, the fertilized egg becomes an embryo which will be transferred to implant in uterine cavity.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

This is another way of IVF that has been improved and added with some techniques to enhance the success of fertilization. In ICSI process, 1 qualified egg and 1 healthy sperm will be selected. Using a fine needle to aspirate sperm, penetrate an egg, and help sperm get inside an egg to let them fertilize. Then transfer an embryo to uterine cavity to allow pregnancy later on. With this method, a scientist will select only healthy sperm by evaluating sperm morphology and motility. ICSI is helpful for men who have very low sperm count or anejaculation as the doctor may consider using some procedures to retrieve sperm directly from testicles.

What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

  1. IVF and ICSI are almost the same. But the difference is how sperm combine with egg. In IVF method, many sperm cells are placed around an egg to let sperm fertilize spontaneously. While a single healthy sperm with best morphology and motility will be directly injected into female’s egg in order to increase the chance of fertilization in ICSI.
  2. To select the best sperm in ICSI method, medical instrument is used to inject that sperm into an egg directly. Unlike a process of IVF, the patients are not wondering whether sperm can combine with egg successfully. ICSI is suitable for infertile people, couples who have struggled with IUI or IVF failure, women who have both fallopian tubes blocked or endometrial issues. It is also beneficial for men with low sperm count, poor sperm quality or those who have thick and hard outer membrane of egg so that the sperm can’t penetrate the egg.
  3. For both IVF and ICSI, all fertilized eggs can be stored for the future transfer in case of multiple embryos obtained from fertilization.
  4. ICSI and IVF are quite costly but they are different in details. We recommend you seeking doctor consultation to find an appropriate treatment.

Both methods mentioned above are the types of technology invented to overcome infertility. Therefore, if you are facing fertility problems or getting difficult to conceive, please hurry up to see the doctor in order to find out the causes and solve them promptly. 



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