Egg freezing, ฝากไข่แช่แข็ง, 卵子冷冻

Egg Freezing Procedure

Egg Freezing or Egg Cryopreservation is used when someone needs to have a child.

Nowadays, it is not only for married women with infertility problem but also women in young generation who prefer to ensure about the childbirth plan in order to fulfill the family integrity. Screening the best quality of egg at the appropriate time under the good physical condition then storing for the prospective needs. That is to say holding the age of great egg and keep it for the future use. This selective assisted reproductive technology suitable for the new generation. As it is easier to resolve infertility problems compared with treatment when patient is elderly. That is more complicated and success rate is not satisfying.

Egg Freezing Procedure

The specialist will aspirate the oocyte from ovary. If the oocyte is in the good condition then it will be suddenly frozen (vitrification) which doesn’t damage oocyte. After that specialist will keep it inside the liquid nitrogen tank. Therefore, it can be stored for several years and be ready for the fertilization.

8 Steps for Egg Freezing

1. Visit the trustworthy infertility treatment center with skillful specialist and inform your objective

2. History taking by medical staff to ensure your physical condition is ready before ovum retrieval process

3. Ovarian stimulation; doctor will prescribe the medication as the injection then patient needs to take it every day for 8-13 days approximately.

4. Visit the doctor again in order to check how well patient’s body response to the ovarian stimulation medicine and whether the egg is fully matured or not.

5. In case of underage egg, doctor will add some medicines to induce the maturity.

6. 35-36 Hours after that, it is the ovum retrieval (egg pick up) through the vagina using anesthetic medicine. The doctor will insert a small needle to aspirate fluid and cellular material including the oocyte from vagina.

7. Laboratory test using the intensive Cryoprotectant liquid and suddenly freeze it by liquid nitrogen (vitrification)

8. Keep in storage tank until the future need


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