How does Hyperprolactinemia affect fertility?

Hyperprolactinemia is marked by abnormally high levels of the hormone prolactin in the blood (normal value less than 25 nanograms per milliliter) or may be caused by the use of certain drugs, especially medicines for treating psychiatric disorders, causing prolactin to rise.

How does Hyperprolactinemia affect fertility?


Normally, when a woman is pregnant, the prolactin levels will increase. And after giving birth, a very high level of prolactin stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk to feed the baby.

However, apart from helping with menstruation control in women, in case of abnormality, prolactin can cause problems in conceiving. It can lead to milk leaking when not pregnant, abnormal ovulation, anovulation, amenorrhea, or even infertility.

This condition can occur in men as well. If the prolactin level is high, it can also cause milk leaking, erectile dysfunction, less sexual desire, low sperm production, inability to produce sperm, and infertility as well.

If you have high prolactin, it is recommended to consult a medical professional to check how high the prolactin level in the blood then find the right way to treat it.



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