How to treat low testosterone?

Low testosterone is a condition that males have declining testosterone levels. It is an essential hormone that plays several roles in male’s body.

How to treat low testosterone?


Low testosterone is a cause of various symptoms, such as less sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, etc.

If you have low testosterone levels, we initially recommend you having exercise or taking appropriate foods. (The treatment depends on a doctor’s consideration about how low testosterone level is and how it affects any parts of the body.)

In case of severe testosterone deficiency, the doctor will prescribe with hormone replacement medication which can improve and nourish men’s health, e.g., increasing sexual desire, making a better living, establishing more energy and enthusiasm.

There are many forms of testosterone replacement medicines: injection, skin patch, skin gel, drug or vitamin to be taken orally. The treatment varies among individuals. Therefore, kindly consult with the doctor for the best outcomes.



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