“Leukorrhea”…The Big Issue of Women

Leukorrhea is the vaginal discharge not only helps woman recognize the ovulation easily but also presents how healthy the internal female organs would be.

Getting to know leukorrhea

Leukorrhea is the fluid discharging from vagina naturally when women reach puberty. The discharge amount and appearance depend on hormonal level and hormone type in each period of menstruation.

In the middle of menstruation cycle or ovulation period, leukorrhea will be watery, clear and stretchy called “Fertile Cervical Mucus”. Caused from the increased estrogen level during the ovulation period. For others parts of menstruation cycle, progesterone is making leukorrhea can be seen in cloud color and glutinous fluid without smell.


What is leukorrhea disorder?

There are 2 reasons of leukorrhea disorder; infection such as bacteria, fungal, virus and non-infection caused from allergy, foreign substance or other abnormalities. How to notice yourself whether you have leukorrhea disorder or not. Woman should evaluate from color and characteristic. For example: Yellow, green, grey, smelly or foamy leukorrhea may be considered as bacterial infection. Chunky leukorrhea like spoiled milk together with itching means Candidal Vulvovaginitis. Leukorrhea with some blood mixed plus dysuria may come from cervical inflammation or Urethritis, etc.

If you notice any abnormalities about leukorrhea, it is very important to consult with obstetrician & gynecologist as soon as possible in order to attend the appropriate treatment. Protect your pelvic organs from the spreading of infection. As well as diagnosis and treatment at the right time in case of other abnormalities. Especially when you have a parenting plan, please hurry up to visit the doctor for any leukorrhea disorders. Removing the abnormality is a preparation for having a baby consequently.


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