PCOS, A Common Disorder of Chronic Anovulatory Syndrome

Chronic anovulation is an ovarian disorder. As a result, the development process of eggs has stopped. Chronic anovulation comes from hormonal imbalance leading the failure of egg development so that the egg doesn’t release and the delay or the absence of menstrual period can occur.


To leave this problem for a long time without any treatment, it is risky to have endometrial cancer and diabetes when become older. Definitely, this condition affects your fertility and causes infertility problem!

The symptoms can be different among individuals. Some women have normal periods or irregular periods. Some women have menstrual spotting. In case of heavy periods can be considered chronic anovulation as well. Other symptoms are including acnes, oily face, hairiness or no any symptoms at all except infertility.

By a transvaginal ultrasound, special appearance of ovaries will be detected. Many immature oocytes align like a pearl necklace in the ovary. This is a specific characteristic of PCOS. The treatment depends on an individual’s factors or conditions and it should be under the doctor’s consideration in order to find out the best solution accordingly.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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