The story of success by Prime Fertility Clinic

K. First (Husband), a national football player from well-known club, and K. Kig (Wife), a proficient northeastern-style singer, have experienced in IUI treatment without success. Therefore, the couple decided to join ICSI program at Prime Fertility Clinic. Finally, they got success at the first cycle!

“Returning ICSI success case” The couple bring their lovely son to visit doctor. Planning to have a second child by ICI with Dr. Poonkiat Punyamitr.
Infertility, มีลูกยาก, 治疗不孕不育症

Although her husband had a vasectomy but she can have a child to fulfill her family integrity by ICSI program along with the technology about the sperm collection.
More than a year after marriage, her husband became over 50’s and had a vasectomy for almost 20 years. Therefore, doctor advised them to do ICSI treatment and her husband did not need to reverse the sterilization as well. Only extraordinary step was a sperm collection which called “TESA”. This technique is about the surgical retrieval of sperm by testicular puncture in order to remove sperm directly from the reproductive organs of men. After that, they could attend the ICSI program normally. Having a lovely son as they wished.

Wife is unable to conceive naturally. However, she and her husband can have a baby by ICSI program at Prime Fertility Clinic.

Thai wife together with Japanese husband have been undergoing with infertility. Finally, they got success by ICSI at the first cycle.

Facing infertility problem at early 30s. Therefore, she joined IUI program and got success at the first cycle.

Success at 1st cycle of ICSI/IVF
15 Eggs picked up (12 Qualified Eggs found). Normal semen from husband then led to fertilization and embryo culture for 5-6 days (Blastocyst), obtained 5 embryos. After NGS (chromosomes disorder analysis),
4 qualified embryos were found. Therefore, the clinic prepared wife’s uterus for the embryo implantation. Absolutely! she was pregnant successfully at the first cycle.

Adorable triplet boy from “ICSI” treatment (46 yrs. Chinese dad & 47 yrs. Chinese mom)
After several years attempt for natural pregnancy until the aging became significant problem. Finally, the couple came to do the “ICSI” with Dr. Poonkiat Punyamitr. They got 2 embryos after NGS (chromosomes disorder analysis). Luckily, both embryos became 3 adorable baby boys. And yes, they are triplets!
IUI, Infertility problems, ปัญหาภาวะผู้มีบุตรยาก, 宫腔内受精

Success story with Thai airways cabin crew: Having a lovely son from IUI program
More than 2 years after marriage, she and her husband still were not successful from natural method. Then she decided to visit doctor and found out that she had the myoma uteri. After the surgery to remove it, she was informed another problem. Her uterine is congenital malformation. Therefore, she consulted with Dr.Poonkiat and had attended IUI program. Finally, she got success at the 1st cycle and had a lovely son as she wished.

The infertile couple who failed in natural pregnancy until joining the “ICSI” treatment at Prime Fertility Clinic. They got success at the first cycle!
Before consulting with Dr. Poonkiat, wife was unable to conceive naturally because of the infertility problem. Then the doctor advised them to do “ICSI” treatment. Started from the physical preparation. Finally, dream came true! the doctor detected Beta HCG hormone and found that she was pregnant successfully.

9 years of undergoing with natural method, failed from several IUI cycles. Finally achieved with 1st time ICSI by Dr. Poonkiat.
The couple who failed for having a kid by natural pregnancy as the ovulation disorder on wife and semen problem from husband. After marriage, they have consulted with the doctor and tried to do “IUI” for several times but never been successful until they met Dr. Poonkiat. Dr. advised them to exercise and get ready for “ICSI”. Husband who has never exercised but he changed himself because of the passion and hope for having a baby. Finally, dream came true! His wife was pregnant at the age of 30.

Chinese couple from Liaoning city, 47 yrs. Wife and 54 yrs. Husband Success at the first cycle of ICSI!
Even though they already had the child but the couple needed to fulfill their family integrity. Our doctor advised them about the treatment plan and how to do the physical preparation. After the embryo transfer and hormone test, they had the good signal to conceive, possibly to be the twin.

46 yrs. Thai husband and 37 yrs. Chinese wife with Success at 1st cycle of ICSI, “Baby Boy!”
The couple came to consult with Dr. Poonkiat after failing in natural pregnancy for several years. Finally, the family has been completed after the baby boy “Sirikrit” was born on 12th December, weight 2925 g. The son fulfilled the family integrity which made mom and dad the most cheerful and satisfactory.

Over 3 years of marriage, the couple was still undergoing to have a child and they had a hard time as everything was getting more difficult. Until they decided to visit the fertility specialist. After diagnosis by Dr. Poonkiat, the couple found out that husband had low sperm count, fewer than normal for a half.
Finally, they got success by ICSI program and had a prenatal care plus a childbirth with Dr. Poonkiat. Khun Phueng (wife) said that she was very impressed with doctor.  Whenever she visited the doctor, she felt very relaxed and comfortable as the doctor always friendly, professional, giving her a good advice clearly and simply. After that she has recommended Dr.Poonkiat to her friends and relatives whoever needs to have a child. It was very surprised that her friends, who has been recommended by her, also succeeded at the 1st cycle like her couple.

Chinese couple, 46 yrs. wife and 45 yrs. husband, joined “ICSI” treatment at Prime Fertility Clinic then “success at the first cycle!”.
The Chinese couple decided to attend the infertility treatment at Prime Fertility Clinic. They got success with twin babies! (1 boy and 1 girl).