Undergoing with infertility treatment….What should you do?

New mom and dad are having a hard time during the infertility treatment. Some of them succeeded at the 1 st cycle of in-vitro fertilization but some couples did not. 

So, how many times and how long would it be for you to give up? The answer is in-vitro fertilization can be done for many times as long as you prefer. However, patient will need to take a break and strengthen physical condition before starting next treatment cycle.

In general, how long does the in-vitro fertilization take until patient can have a baby?

The treatment will take 4-6 weeks depending on each healthcare organization but
there are some significant procedures as below:

Step 1 – Maintain menstruation to be usual. The doctor will prescribe hormones injection for taking 10-12 days in order to stimulate the growth of ovum.

Step 2 – Monitor hormones level inside the body then inject last dose at 34 th – 38 th hour prior to the ovum retrieval.

Step 3 – Ovum retrieval: This operation will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Step 4 – Fertilization by combining ovum with sperm

Step 5 – Embryo transfer: After the ovum retrieval around 2-3 days.

Sperm will be collected in order to have the specialist screen and select the most perfect one for fertilization with female’s egg later on.

If you still have failed after struggling from the infertility treatment no matter how many times you have tried. The last choice is using gestational carrier or surrogate mother. Please consider to be the very last option. As it can be used only in case the patient is unable to conceive because of uterine abnormalities. Therefore, every couple should consult with the doctor regularly, being healthy and stay away from any risks
causing infertility problem.



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