Urination after embryo transfer… will it have any effect on the embryo that has just been transferred?

After the embryo transfer, many mothers-to-be probably still have quite a bit of anxiety.

Urination after embryo transfer... will it have any effect on the embryo that has just been transferred?


One of the most popular questions that many people still wonder is about urination after embryo transfer. If you urinate, will it have any effect on the transferred embryo?

When you feel like urinating, there might be a contraction in the lower abdomen, right? But don’t worry. The contraction feeling is a normal symptom of people who hold their bladders. It definitely will not affect the embryo.

Then, after embryo transfer, can woman get up to urinate right away?

Yes, you can! Firstly, you must understand that the bladder, vagina, and uterus are different parts. Therefore, there is no impact. After transferring the embryo, you can go to a bathroom and do your personal hygiene activities or urinate. It does not cause the embryo to fall out anyway.

But what affects the embryo really depends on how one behaves. Taking medicine and resting after embryo transfer can also impact the embryo. Therefore, it is best to follow the doctor’s advice.

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