What causes a normal embryo not to develop after implantation?

What causes a normal embryo not to develop after implantation?

An implanted embryo that does not develop into a fetus can be caused by many reasons which can be divided into 2 major factors.


What causes a normal embryo not to develop after implantation?


  • Embryo factor
  • Has the embryo had a chromosome test before?
  • What is the grade of the embryo? Even though the embryo has passed the chromosome testing, the grade of the embryo is still important.
  • Division of the embryo, some embryos divide and grow up well in the incubator but when transferring into the uterine cavity, some may not divide well.


  • Personal factor
  • Uterine problems: There may be polyps in the uterine cavity causing poor blood flow around the area for embryo implantation which leads to poor implantation affecting the growth of the embryo.
  • Congenital diseases: Some immune disorders can also impact the embryo, such as diabetes, hypertension.
  • Self-Care: It can be caused by moving too quickly, lifting heavy objects, exercising hard, and not being careful about food intake.

We must find out the real reason why and how to treat it. Also, medication may need to be adjusted as well as individual lifestyle. 

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