What causes blocked fallopian tubes?

Why can’t many women get pregnant? There might be several factors. One of the important risk factors that can be found in infertile women is “Blocked Fallopian Tubes”.

If one or both of fallopian tubes becomes blocked, an egg will not be able to reach a uterus and sperm will not be able to approach the egg. Then the fertilization and conception will not happen. Even though, if the fallopian tubes are narrow and the sperm can approach and fertilize with the egg but the fertilized egg can’t move itself to implant in the uterus, embryo implantation will occur at the fallopian tubes then cause an ectopic pregnancy that may be life threatening as well.

Narrow or blocked fallopian tubes is an abnormality inside fallopian tubes frequently caused by infection, abdominal inflammation. Particularly, the pelvic infection that is mostly from sexual intercourse or venereal disease. As a result of this infection and inflammation, the fallopian tubes and membrane can be damaged, distorted, twisted as well as the abdominal inflammation can occur. Surgeries, severe appendicitis and ruptured appendix possibly cause inflammation to one or both of related fallopian tubes.

Furthermore, some causes are including endometriosis or chocolate cyst leading the pelvic inflammation. Possible uterine adhesion can bind or block the fallopian tubes.

In medical treatment, history taking and health check-up will be performed in order to evaluate the condition of fallopian tubes. An ultrasound testing to examine a swollen tube or lumps. As well as a medical history tracking to look for the abdominal infection.

Although we proceeded a thorough examination, hysterosalpingography or laparoscopic surgery but finally an ICSI treatment is a solution to overcome infertility problems. So, we probably consider starting infertility treatment rather than evaluating the fallopian tubes. Therefore, the patients will not feel more pain. However, we have to be concerned about an individual treatment plan as well. Since some patients face infertility obstacles from various causes.

Hence, if you notice the risk of blocked fallopian tubes or struggle with infertility problems, we suggest you to hurry up to consult with the doctor who is an infertility treatment specialist. In order to receive the medical examination and find out the suitable treatment respectively. Do not ignore these issues as the older you get, the lower your chance of having baby.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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