What causes queefing?

Vaginal flatulence or queef is an emission of the air from the vagina. It is a normal occurrence and can happen to almost every woman.

Queefing occurs when the vagina expands during some activities that cause the air to become trapped inside the vagina such as sexual intercourse, yoka, cycling or some movements during exercise. After that, once the body moves in the pushing posture then the trapped air will be released from the vagina. Women can feel both vibration and sound of queefing. It happens rapidly, automatically and uncontrollably.

Is queefing dangerous?
In the early stage, the body sometimes produces a queef that is not a serious issue. Women can exercise to make the vagina fit and firm by doing a Kegel pelvic exercise or squeezing the vaginal muscles.

Whenever the queefing becomes excessive and the body is still producing a lot of vaginal gas even though how much Kegel exercise you have tried, this is a sign of serious pelvic floor prolapse. If the prolapse is not properly treated, it will be risky to cause the frequent urination and urinary incontinence that can disturb your sexual activity accordingly.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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