What is Dermoid Cyst?

Dermoid cyst is a type of ovarian cyst that has a low chance of transforming into cancer in the future. Only 1-2% of dermoid cysts are cancerous. It may contain structures such as fat, hair, and teeth inside.

It causes developmental anomalies that the cells of hair and teeth are developed in the cyst. It can be said that dermoid cyst is derived from stem cells that develop to the form of cyst with hair and teeth.

If you ask whether it affects fertility or not? We would say it would cause some effects in fertility. A big size of dermoid cyst can interrupt ovary functions which needs to be removed since it cannot be treated with medication.

It means that the surgery damages the affected ovary which results in low ovarian reserve.

Most importantly, it causes frequent complications. A big size of dermoid cyst causes torsion which stops ovarian functions.

Finally, if you go to the hospital too late, the thing is that we might need to perform a surgery to remove the ovary which affects infertility since you will have only 1 ovary left.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.
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