What is ICSI ? How does it help in conceiving?

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an in vitro fertilization procedure with laboratory technology.

What is ICSI ? How does it help in conceiving?


This is done by injecting one of the best selected sperm into the egg to allow the sperm and the egg to fertilize then become an embryo. 

Then, the embryo will be cultured under suitable conditions in a laboratory. When the time is right, the embryo will then be transferred back into the uterine cavity so that the embryo can implant in the uterus and develop into a baby.

This process can help increase the rate of fertilization and the chances of getting pregnant. It also helps reduce problems with fertilization or abnormal fertilization, such as fertilization with multiple sperm, or sperm unable to penetrate the egg shell to fertilize, etc.

ICSI is considered a technology to help with conception that is becoming popular and has a high chance of successful pregnancy at present. It is said to have a success rate of 50% – 80%.

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