Why do people with morning sickness…crave something weird?

Today, we will invite mothers to find out the reasons why people with morning sickness crave something weird?

Why do people with morning sickness…crave something weird? 


The reason why pregnant women want to eat strange things

Because pregnant women will have higher human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormones than normal resulting in changes in taste and smell. Often pregnant women have cravings for certain foods that are different from the foods they eat in their daily lives, such as wanting to eat pickled cucumbers with ketchup or tuna with yogurt, and also like to smell things that other people don’t like, such as the smell of window cleaner or gasoline.

During pregnancy, the body suffers from malnutrition. The mother’s brain therefore tells her to want to add certain nutrients to the body. An eating disorder called Pica Disorder occurs with pregnant women and people who are iron deficient. It makes the mothers feel like eating certain food or strange things that are not food, such as wanting to eat ice that is in the refrigerator freezer, wanting to eat sand, ashes, plaster, chalk, coffee grounds, baking soda, etc.

Pregnant women need a lot of phosphate for genetic cell division. Phosphate is a mineral found in soil and soap. That’s why many pregnant women have the urge to eat dirt and soap, bringing even more surprise to those around.

If they want to eat something they shouldn’t, how do we fix it?

No matter how strange the food those mothers want to eat, it is recommended to look at the nutrition mainly. If the food is not suitable or not something that can be eaten, pregnant women must try to find something else that has a similar taste to replace it. The food they should eat must be clean and safe because if they have diarrhea or food poisoning while pregnant, it will have a negative effect on their bodies. As for raw food, pregnant women should avoid them for now. Because it may result in an intestinal infection. The most serious is a blood infection.

However, if the mother has an urge to eat something strange and may cause harm to the body, it is recommended that they consult a doctor to find ways to deal with strange cravings for the health of the child in the future.

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