10 Guidelines during Ovarian Stimulation

For women who are attending in ovarian stimulation program, after receiving medication;

What is the next process? Is there anything you should avoid? How would you prepare yourself for the next doctor’s appointment? This article will show you the answer as below:

1. Taking the injection punctually
         If you can’t inject on time, it can delay for 1-2 hours. In order to stabilize drugs levels in bloodstream. Then ovary can respond to the injection effectively.

For the last injection which is for inducing ovulation, you need to take it on time. As the doctor has already scheduled the operation for OPU (Ovum Pick Up) at 34 th – 36 th hour after the last injection.

  • Proceed the injection for inducing ovulation later than the time advised by doctor. The doctor may not able to obtain ovum as it has not yet detached from ovarian follicle.
  • Proceed the injection for inducing ovulation earlier than the time advised by doctor. Patient may have the ovulation before ovum retrieval process. Therefore, this ovum retrieval will not be successful or giving a smaller number of ovums less than expected.

2. Contact your attending physician once you have enquiry about the injection
         For examples: incomplete injection, combine medication wrongly, forget to take the injection as well as having any allergies / disorders from medication. Please consult with your doctor. Do not assume or find out solution by yourself. **Since medication causes the growth of egg. And egg/ovum is a great factor affecting pregnancy success from the in-vitro fertilization.**

3. Taking folic or vitamin supplementary
Women can consume vitamin C, Q-10, astaxanthin continuously during ovarian stimulation in order to nourish your health and enhance egg’s quality.

4. Eating protein foods
         For examples: egg white, bean curd, fresh milk, soybean milk, fish in order to enrich your health and egg’s quality as well as reduce the risk of flatulence from complication during the ovarian stimulation.

5. Eating well cooked, clean and easily digested foods

         In order to relief flatulence, constipation or abdominal distension during the ovarian stimulation.

6. Avoid eating preserved food, strong-flavored food, seafood
         Protect yourself from having a stomachache or diarrhea.

7. Be healthy
         Stay away from illness, having a cold or coughing. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day can help ovum / egg become well matured. Please refrain from eating or drinking within 8 hours before the operation. Due to patient will receive anesthetic during ovum retrieval. In case patient has a cold or had not refrained from eating or drinking, there will be choking which is a great risk of lung infection from anesthesia.

8. Avoid heavy exercise and having sex
        Women should sleep sufficiently because ovum will be gradually matured and growing up in larger amount during the injection. Heavy exercise or having sex may cause the ovum damage before retrieval day. Therefore, the doctor is unable to collect the ovum or getting a smaller number of ovums. In some cases, patients may have a severe lower abdominal pain as the follicles have been broken so that they may get bleeding inside the abdomen.

9. Having enough rest after ovum retrieval
        The patient should not work hard at least 2-3 days. If there are any symptoms like flatulence, fullness, severe abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, obvious abdominal swellings or irregular vaginal bleeding please consult with the doctor immediately.

10. No ejaculation for 3-5 days prior to the ovum retrieval
        Moreover, husband should maintain healthy and get ready in order to ejaculate efficiently. Able to collect sperms in sufficient amount, good qualification; intense and energetic for the better result of fertilization consequently.


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