4 Doubts for whoever wants to have children

Talking about suggestion for having a child, several issues are still unclear. So, let’s find out what the fact is.

Female’s infertility rate is higher than male.

Not True!
Many people may understand the greater causes of infertility problems are from females. But the reason of infertility can occur from both male and female in the same proportion which mean 30% – 40% from each side and 10 % from both sides then 10% for unknown reason.

Therefore, if you are woman who has the infertility problem please do not blame yourself or being serious. In case you are unable to conceive even though you have been having sex 2-3 days a week regularly and never used the birth control for at least 1 year. You and your husband will need to consult with the infertility specialist as soon as possible in order to find out the cause of problem and start the treatment plan. Otherwise, your problem will require longer time of fixing and more difficulties.

Only obese people will have the infertility problem.

Not True!
Not only the overweight people, but also the underweight people will face the infertility problem as well.

Therefore, if you have a plan for having children, both parties should take care of their body weight to be standard. We will consider about BMI or Body Mass Index (calculated from body weight (kg.) divided by height (m.) X height (m.)). BMI score 18.5 – 24.9 will be appropriate. Higher or lower than standard criteria may affect pregnancy. As wife may have anovulation and sperm’s husband will be deteriorated which cause more infertility problems.

Heavy exercise is good for having children.

Not True!

Although exercise is good for your health, but the intense, hard, heavy exercise or spending many hours in fitness everyday are not good for having children at all. Because your body system will be imbalanced including hormone dysfunction will lead the menstrual disorders.

So, the perfect work out should be done within 30-45 minutes and 3-4 times a week. That is enough and suitable.

People who had a child can be infertile.


Several couples had their first child easily and assumed the following kids should be easy. Unfortunately, they are undergoing to have the second child. We called “Secondary Infertility”. Which means the couple who had a child already but after that this family has never been pregnant again without using the birth control for at least 1 year.

Possible reasons are the aging, health issues, lifestyles, stress, relationship, etc. Some couples spent almost 10 years waiting for their second child because of unawareness in the infertility problems. Thus, consulting with the specialist will help to resolve the problem on time and quicker fulfill the family integrity with second child accordingly.


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