5 Beauty Cares to avoid during OPU-IUI

Every woman always concerns about beauty. However, during the childbirth plan or infertility treatment program.

For example: ovarian stimulation, ovum retrieval (ovum pick up – OPU), IUI (intra uterine insemination), embryo transfer, woman should avoid touching or smelling any chemical substance that might affect health or deteriorate the quality of ovum and embryo. Although, there are no obvious studies but generally it is good practice to follow from 1 month prior to the infertility treatment until during the program. For any necessary need, the patient should use natural products instead of anything containing with chemical ingredients.

These are 5 beauty cares to avoid:

1. Laser – Botox

Hormones inside female body will be increased during the ovarian stimulation. Causing the skin to be sensitive, melanin will be changed easily. These will increase the opportunity of blemish, freckle, spot or scar.

2. Body Scrub – Face Scrub

The medication during treatment causes a change of hormonal level. Scrubbing makes your skin weaker and becoming blemish or spot more easily.

3. Hair Coloring, Perm, Hair Straightening

Touching chemical substance during these activities may cause chemical allergies. Scalp dermatosis, infection, inflammation and the chemical smell will irritate the respiratory system.

4. Nail Painting – Manicure

Inhaling a lot of nail polish and nail polish remover will affect the respiratory system. Moreover, dressing/trimming a fingernail in the unsanitary nail salon is possibly infectious.

5. Acne Medication

Acne medication containing with retinoids (Vitamin A extract) which is harmful to the embryo and fetus as the severe congenital disabilities. It is very important to consult with doctor every time before using.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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