5 Risks of Advanced Maternal Age

Advanced Maternal Age means the pregnancy of woman who is 35 years old or older.

Although woman in this age will have readiness in every aspect whether it is wealth, social position, maturity, etc. but woman will encounter with these infertility risks as below:

1. Infertility Problem

Increasing age, especially for woman affects the physical condition, ovulation also the quality of egg. Woman in 30s can be pregnant for 20-30% in each ovulation cycle but it is reduced to be only 5% for woman over 40 years.

2. Complication

Definitely, risk of complication during pregnancy will be higher according to the increasing age for example: diabetes, pre-eclampsia. These complications are harmful to both mother and fetus.

3. Miscarriage

Having a child at elderly age (over 35 years) is difficult. Furthermore, there will be a risk of miscarriage after pregnancy because of inferior egg making the genetic abnormality to the embryo as well as the deterioration of uterus which becomes degenerate continuously.

4. Childbirth Problem

There will be several problems of giving birth including premature delivery, difficulty delivery or bleeding after childbirth. In some cases, patients need to receive Cesarean Section (the abdominal surgery) instead of natural delivery.

5. Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder came from the abnormality on 21st pair of chromosomes making intellectual disability to the newborn. The risk will increase when woman is pregnant at elderly age (35 years onwards). Therefore, it is important to have the prenatal screening in order to detect down syndrome of the fetus by blood test or amniocentesis.

If you are a “working woman” who needs to avoid the infertility problem or any abnormalities as mentioned above, “Egg Freezing” is an interesting solution for your childbirth plan. This assisted reproductive technology will preserve the quality of egg and make it ready for your future use.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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