IVF, 试管婴儿, 治疗不孕不育症

How many times can IVF be proceeded?

There is no limit to doing IVF or In Vitro Fertilization because IVF has no harm to the health.

From the study and research among a group of women who donate eggs many times, it turns out that there is no risk of disease associated with the hormone stimulation, such as women’s cancers.

Besides, some women may worry that the ovarian stimulation can make the eggs run out faster or reaching the golden age sooner. But information from the research appears that there is no higher risk than average.

However, doing IVF many times will cost you more and make you depressed. Repeating IVF procedures can make many couples losing their hope. Most couples gave up because of these two primary causes. For the group that is difficult to stimulate, those who failed many times according to many issues, such as low egg count, old age, and other reasons. The medical practice may use the eggs donation method as an alternative for the group that cannot produce eggs by themselves.

The fastest for doing IVF – one cycle will take around one month to complete all procedures and wait for the pregnancy result. If there are any additional procedures, it will take longer, such as treating health issues, freezing embryo for chromosome analysis. So, each cycle will require more time.

To repeat the procedures, we recommend the patients to prepare their physical condition. Most treatment guidelines are advised to wait for 2-3 months before repeating. However, the study stated that IVF could be repeated continuously because the result will not be different. If there is no issue with the physical condition, it can be repeated next month. This approach may be suitable for those who have limited time, getting old as it might be too late to wait. There is no need to wait for months as the procedures do not harm the body. The more you wait is the more you are getting old and the more you lose the opportunity.

Today, there is a new approach to retrieve eggs continuously on a monthly cycle basis. The ovarian stimulation will be done right after the egg retrieval procedure, preparing for second egg retrieval within the same month to get more eggs.  This approach will be on a case by case basis depending on the readiness or the plan. Because some patients may be stressful, exhausted and need to get rest before retrieving the eggs again. Well, if you are still young, it can wait.


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