Myoma Uteri,เนื้องอกนอกมดลูก,ปัญหาภาวะผู้มีบุตรยาก

Q&A with Dr. Poonkiat: Does Myoma Uteri affect the infertility problem?

Myoma Uteri is mostly found in women. Not only be the reason of abnormalities but also affects the infertility problem. However, it depends on the position of myoma occurred in uterus area as well.

         Myoma Uteri appears as the hard tumors in some parts of uterus for examples: uterus center, uterine cavity, cervix, etc. It makes uterus to be huge and malforms then obstructs the embryo implantation which means the infertility problem.

        Therefore, we will consider as case by case where the myoma has occurred in order to evaluate and determine whether the surgery is necessary or not. Some cases do not require a lot of treatments if the myoma are not huge, not affect the health or not disturb pregnancy. As the operation can damage uterus accordingly.

        The reasons of myoma uteri are still unclear. However, these symptoms are suspicious and possible to be aware of (The symptom depends on where the myoma has risen) which are:

–  Heavy menstruation, Many days of undergoing
–  Chronic pain on the lower abdomen
–  Severe menstrual cramps
–  Bladder Irritability (Huge uterus is pressing urinary bladder.)
–  Constipation (Huge uterus is pressing the large intestine.)
–  Leg intumescence (Blood vein inside the leg is compressed.)
–  Touchable abdomen tumors

         For the examination process to ensure the myoma uteri, obstetrician can find very touchable huge tumors from abdomen together with PV test and ultrasound. In order to see more clearly about characteristics and position of the myoma. Treatment procedure for myoma uteri is the operation as there is no medication that can abolish or completely remove the symptom permanently. However, we will use the standard criteria to determine the necessity of the operation for examples: severe abdominal pain, heavy menstruation, enormous tumor pressing the internal organs. These cases need to attend the operation. Furthermore, it depends on whether the patient had a child or not, opportunity to be pregnant and demand for having a baby. So, the patient will need to consult with doctor.

        In some cases, the position where myoma has risen does not affect to pregnancy so there is no need to do the operation but patient might have the infertility problem due to aging of woman or disqualified oocyte. While some cases have tumors pressing the uterine cavity then the operation will be useful to remove it and helps the patient can be pregnant consequently. We should consider as case by case individually.

        It is very important to consult with doctor once you have any abnormalities. The best practice is to attend the medical checkup (PV test) consistency once a year. Because myoma uteri is the disease that mostly found in women. Some women are having this disease without any obvious symptoms. If you are carrying the tumors which make you become infertile, please do not hesitate to visit the doctor. In order to be treated and planning to have a baby later on.


Dr.Poonkiat Punyamitr
Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Infertility Treatment Specialist at Prime Fertility Clinic


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